Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Annnndddd.....we're off!!

No pics, but had the first ride of the season last night on *Walker. Chuck rode Silken in his Barefoot, while I pushed my envelope and strapped on my Parelli bareback pad that has been collecting dust. Off we went for a ride through the lower field. *Walker really moved out more freely, I felt, than in my Wintec. It was interesting! We also saw a Tom and his wife....oh wait this is a public page, lol....and a mallard & his mate swimming. I'm a little sore in my rump, but not like I'd thought I'd be. Yippee!
 We have several goals this year.  The primary one is just to ride more, plus add in riding other horses.  We would also like to actually ride off farm at least once and are thinking of heading up to the forest for that.

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