Thursday, September 06, 2007

How has the summer slipped by? Well, certainly not with a sigh, but more like a great whooshing sound that a freight train might make!!

This summer has been so full of work, work, and more work. The new arena is almost done, then we just need to put up the lights and stain the outside; put in the footing, and run power outlets. We have one more summer pasture to finish and then it will be time to created the winter paddocks and shelters for them.

Add to this that we are having a medium-sized wedding here in 2 weeks, well, it has been hectic and I hope that you can forgive me for not updating the blog more often.

Sylvie, our French student left a month ago for home. While here she experienced the day-to-day running of a horse ranch, as well as having a chance to visit other horse operations. We even went on a trail ride at the Vermont Iceland Horse Farm in North Fayston It was so much fun that we hope to do it again next year! We wish Sylvie the best of luck in all her future endeavors.

Silken and Suncatcher are settling in, and I must say that Suncatcher is quite the ticket. He has a fabulous attitude and is very playful. He is also what you would call a "pocket pony", except that he is rather too large to fit there.

We have continued driving *Beau and have finally ventured outside with him. He seems to enjoy it.

*Leo has grown and is even more of a whippersnapper than young *Bill was.

All in all, as we zoom into fall, we are enjoying life. We hope you do too.