Wednesday, September 08, 2010

And a new day dawns.

As those of you who are members of the ICHO, and who have read the latest gazette, know, in 2004 when our dearly missed past-president visited our farm in Vermont her parting words were: “When I die I want to come back and be one of your horses.” This statement, which would so easily roll off of the tongue of others, would not have easily parted from the lips of Andrea Schaap. Andrea, veterinarian, science-lover, and highly knowledgeable horsewoman would have only said this if she had meant it. We have continued to try and keep our horses as healthy and happy as Andrea would have expected us to.

And, as those of you who inhabit the Curly Haven list on Yahoogroups know, last winter I said that we had no intention of breeding this year; neither had we bred last year, due to the economy. (Yes, you know what’s coming don’t you?). However, the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray, and last October, while I was still recovering from my broken leg and after Guinevive had lifted her wings to soar through the sky on her own, *Beau decided to test the fences. As he found them somewhat lacking, he paid a nocturnal visit to the ladies. Once we separated them the next morning, we carefully checked all the ladies, and it did not seem that any had enjoyed a tryst.

By late May it became obvious we had been fooled. *Babe had entertained *Beau that evening and had harbored a secret all throughout the winter. As I thought about this future foal, unplanned, but never unwanted, I knew it would be a filly and the moment I realized that, tears sprang to my eyes and the further realization hit that this was Andrea’s desire come true.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the latest Green Mountain Curlies’ foal to hit the ground. Born early this morning, 9/8/10, a lovely Buckskin Filly….and for Andrea we break our naming tradition… is:

GMC Andrea’s Ankti

Ankti is Hopi for “repeat dance”.  More pictures will be available later this evening.