Sunday, December 11, 2005

Friends sometimes are found in places one least expects. For those of us who are familiar with on-line communities, to find real friends, ones that you can still enjoy in real-time, doesn't seem unlikely, or odd. But those who are not that connected through the 'net, or who are new to it, only think about the scary situations that are played up by Hollywood. While it is true, that you must be careful, that it is easy to think you know someone through their words; without being able to watch their face, their eyes, their body gestures, it is relatively easy to be misled. Yet, this happens in real-life so much more often; it is just that we are used to it, whereas, the 'net is still so new in our human existance.

We are blessed to have gotten to know some super wonderful people through our 'net and horse connections, and this weekend we were honored to host a get-together for six women friends, who joined us from around the world to visit and chat about horses.

CJ joined us from England. She has many passions including Parelli training, classical dressage, and hooves; but more importantly she has an overwhelming drive to share those passions. Michelle, from Connecticut, is truly gifted in finding animals who need her, and lovingly, openly, sharing herself to help them live happily. She extends this to the people around her too. Deanna, from Ontario, brought Clicker-training to life for us. She is adept at finding the try in the horse, and also shares her enthusiam for longer-distance riding. Steph, from Massachusetts, although unowned by a horse (much to her chagrin), is enthusiastic and determined to get there some day. She has already sold her soul (hehe) and traded physical labor for riding lessons, while biding her time. Yvonne, from Ontario, was our quiet one, but what talent! She is driven by the need to create and to learn, and is a silversmith/jewelry designer AND a horse owner. When her life quiets some from raising children, her horses will receive the benefit from a creative energy, but quietly centered soul. And finally, Susan, also from Ontario. Susan has found the love that horses bring into our lives, and with her sincerity, her deep understanding, and her desire to become further connected is moving toward a true partnership inspite of suffering a set-back over a year ago that would have devastated a less stout-hearted woman.

All of these women joined us for one deeply satisfying 24 hour period, and our lives are much better for it. We all learned much, but mostly we learned that we hope we can join together again at some point.

May all of you reading this, find such a blessing in your lives, that goes beyond any mere social connection to the type that binds soul-to-soul, on such a sublime level.