Monday, July 07, 2008

High summer in Vermont. So many people equate Vermont with winter, or with the beautiful fall colors of autumn. They just think that Vermont is always cool. But it is NOT! Come July we have many very hot days. What does that mean for us who work with horses? It means we work early in the day, and later in the evening; leaving the hot mid-day for drowsing and grazing.

With our exchange student, Sophie, here from France, we have been working with a lot of horses. Sophie's primary "job" is to ride Silken and *Suncatcher. Guin rides *Red and *Babe. I work with *Jack and *Beau and *Glory, and they help me with *Walker, Dude, and *Leo.

I am also taking an on-line photography course and learning to use my camera better, so processing the pictures I get to take is also good to do in the heat of the day.

And in my "off" time, I am serving as Navigator for Marcy Baer and her stallion, Dykedale Duke (an English Dales pony). We went to our first 3-day event in Bromont, Quebec over the last weekend of June and Marcy & Duke came in FIRST PLACE in single-pony Training Level and Reserve Champion of Training level!! We were all so proud!

So, please forgive me for not writing as often as I should. I'll make sure to post a few pictures here as I prefect my "shooting" techniques.

Enjoy your summer!