Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have been working with the horses this past week, asking for increasing time moving forward, using tires as a jumping spot, spiraling them in and out on the lunge, and introducing ground poles and crossrails.  With *Walker, I increased the number of times we walked up and down the hill and also asked her to back up the hill for a dozen paces or so.

However, this blog is going to be just a short one as I want to share our excitement that our youngest daughter, Guine will be coming to visit us in less than a week and staying for the whole month of June!!  Guine is our “horsie girl” and she is coming to help me with the horses.  Not only will my readers be able to look forward to great blogs about what we’re doing, but I will be getting new photos AND video of the horses for sale.

Have a wonderful Memorial Week-end everyone!


Linda @ Creekside Curlies said...

AWESOME Adria !!!!! I know how it is to have your "horsie" one of the family move away...I miss him dearly! have fun enough for all of us too!

Adria said...

Thanks, Linda!

Laurice Lee said...

Have fun!