Sunday, August 28, 2005

Welcome to the first entry in our newly created Blog. We hope these entries allow you to gain a better insight into our farm life, and glimpse the horsenalities of the special horses we have. American Curly Horses are hypoallergenic, and that is why we have them, as I am allergic to "regular" horses. We purchased our first two horses, Walker and Beau, back in 2001, and the horse way of life has become our lives. Presently we have, not only Walker and Beau, but Glory and Red as our adult horses, Sage (from a mating of Walker and Beau) who is 22 months old, and Jack (from a mating of Glory and Beau) who is just 3 months old.

We moved to this farm in Marshfield just 11 months ago, and this first year has been difficult, with so much that needed to be done. As we move into Autumn, there is still more work, but we have accomplished so much! Our house is as completed as needs be to be comfortable for winter; the arena, while still without lights, will be stocked with both 1st and 2nd cutting hay; and the horses can easily be rotated among 13 pastures until winter sets in. Left to be done before winter are the creation of the winter paddocks (we had taken the ones down we had last year in order to make them better), and the staining of the house exterior.

As summer ends here we look forward to spending more time with the horses rather than for the horses. The seasonal changes will bring crisper mornings, and the smells of the land going to sleep for the winter. We'll experience some rain, shifting from the still warmer summer rains to the colder ones of autumn; and some brilliantly bright days with crystal blue skies. The horses, sensing this change, and the lesser hours of daylight, will begin to grow their thicker, curly coats. This year, with Jack entering his first winter, will be more exciting as we learn what type of curls he will develop. And the cooler weather will bring friskier movements as the horses keep their personal furnaces going.

We hope you check back often to hear what is happening here, and to learn about the changes we experience.

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Denise said...

Hey Adria! Glad to see you started a blog. I love em. ;-) Look forward to future posts.